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Charlotte, NC Childcare: Your Child and Technology

Posted on 07-14-2016 | Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Charlotte

In today’s age of gadgets and apps there are a myriad of opinions surrounding how much technology is too much for young toddlers or preschoolers. Everyone has seen a toddler pick up a smartphone or iPad and begin swiping and tapping with incredible ease. It’s an easy and effective way to quiet loud children in public places or distract children when fussy or bored. Moderation is a key element in effectively using technology with your preschooler.

Some may worry that screen time will mean losing brain cells, dropping IQs, etc. It’s true that your child’s brain reacts differently to a screen than to other surfaces or toys, but it’s not accurate to assume your child’s brain is ruined by the screen time. An easy way to limit screen time in your child’s day is by designating a particular time of day for TV or iPad. Many mothers use a tablet or favorite TV show as a way to keep older siblings quiet during younger siblings nap times. Another option is to limit screen time for just when you take long road trips. Whatever time of day or frequency you choose, be consistent. A toddler or preschooler will come to expect to have screen time at a certain part of the day, which will hopefully limit any tantrums surrounding their use of electronics.

Also, when your child watches TV or plays on the iPad be sure you know what they are watching. There are several options available for educational apps and websites like ABCMouse.com – which help your child learn as they play. Be sure the TV shows your child is watching is something you are comfortable with. Many parents have differing opinions about popular kid shows so take the time to watch shows for yourself and determine which ones you would like your child to watch. You can use this time to connect with your child as well or get some things accomplished while they watch. Try not to give your child several extended sessions in front of the TV during the day as it’s best for them to engage with the world around them more than sit in front of the TV or iPad. Also, avoid having the TV on all day as background noise. Your child will naturally gravitate towards it when bored which prohibits him/her from using creative or critical thinking skills to entertain himself/herself.

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