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Charlotte, NC Preschool: 4 Rules to Keep Kids Learning this Summer

Posted on 06-12-2016 | Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Charlotte

School may be out, but learning is always in. As a parent, you may be excited about evenings free from the hassle of homework and school projects. But, if anecdotal and statistical information is even close to being right, your child will lose some of her hard-won math and reading knowledge over the summer if those skills are not continually being fostered throughout the summer. It’s fine to take a break from rigorous learning for a few days when school lets out, but don’t let the summer go by without creating opportunities for your child to continue learning and growing. Even your toddler and preschooler can benefit from some structured learning time this summer.

To help parents make their child’s learning a priority this summer, we’ve come up with 4 suggested rules to adopt with your family:

1. Play at least one game every day!

Plenty of popular board games reinforce memory and counting skills – like Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, and the Memory Game. Or, create your own games like charades with popular book characters! Your child will be squealing with delight, and learning at the same time!

2. Participate in a summer camp.

Our Olympics-themed Kids ‘R’ Kids of Charlotte Summer Camp combines physical activities, interactive learning and good old-fashioned fun for an unforgettable summer experience. Children will learn about the cultures, customs and cuisines of countries participating in this year’s Olympic Games. Enroll your child today, and get ready to launch your child on a learning adventure!

3. Limit technology use to one hour a day.

Chances are your child loves watching TV or playing games on a tablet, but these activities are often not interactive enough for your child’s development. Set aside a regular time for your child to enjoy these activities, like during snack time, but keep all other technology out of reach for the rest of the day. This will force you and your child to think of creative ways to make use of your time together – like playing games outside or going for a walk around the block!

4.Take a trip to the library every week.

Reading stimulates little minds to think more complex thoughts and fosters their imagination. Taking a trip to the library every week keeps your young reader excited about exploring new worlds with new books. If your public library has a summer reading program, enroll your child. You’ll set your child up for a lifetime of reading success!

At Kids ‘R’ Kids of Charlotte, we understand that bridging the gap between home and school helps with your child’s success. our door is always open for families to discuss needs, ask questions, and offer comments and suggestions. Everything we do is designed to promote your child’s personal and educational well-being. Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our school!

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