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Creative Ways to Build Your Child’s Vocabulary

Posted on 09-15-2015


A few months after a beautiful baby is born, parents begin to hear exciting sounds of joy and personal expression. A toddler’s use of words can be adorable and entertaining as your baby learns to use new words and communicate. While it’s entertaining to watch a growing toddler use a variety of words, as a child enters preschool the vocabulary is expected to increase. Better communication and increased vocabulary does not happen automatically. It requires intentional learning and an excellent curriculum in childcare, daycare, or preschool. Parental support is also beneficial. Learning happens best in a balanced, loving, and nurturing environment.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Charlotte, we understand every stage of learning. Our curriculum is designed to help your child develop from infancy and toddlerhood to our preschool, pre-k, and after school programs. At Kids ‘R’ Kids, children enjoy programs designed to increase vocabulary, build better communication and much more!

We value the commitment of our parents to enhance their child’s learning experience at home. Here are some helpful ways to build your child’s vocabulary through everyday activities at home:

  • Be a careful listener. It may take time for your child to express himself. Listen carefully and allow your child to take the needed time to communicate.
  • When speaking to your child, use real words. It may be fun to use “play words,” but as your child learns take the opportunity to use real words for your child to repeat and understand. While some “play words” are cute, they can be confusing and stifle the vocabulary.
  • Ask a lot of follow-up questions. Your questions will create opportunities for your child to think, reason, and learn how to better communicate.
  • Encourage your child regularly. Always look for opportunities to affirm and encourage your child. Respond with care and thoughtfulness as your child learns to express thoughts and feelings.
  • Keep your baby talking and making sounds. Your baby is growing and developing in many ways. Engaging activities, talking, and fun interactions are ways your child learns and develops. Even though your baby may not understand your words, he will recognize your voice and body language.
  • Read to your child regularly. Choose a fun book appropriate for your child’s age and read regularly. Your child will begin to recognize and repeat words. Also discuss what the words means.

While Kids ‘R’ Kids of Charlotte provides an excellent preschool learning experience, we love to see our parents join their child’s learning process. These simple steps will support your child’s learning along with our excellent curriculum. Our STEAM AHEAD curriculum is an integrated project-based curriculum written for students ages three to five, providing them with opportunities to be creative, innovative, and ingenious – learning to use problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills and, best of all, finding the “AH-HA” moments in our five core areas of education.

Learn more about the many ways we support your child, with our dynamic curriculum, excellent programs, and qualified teachers and staff. We hope you will contact us to learn more about our commitment to advanced learning, increased vocabulary, and our overall educational success that is far beyond a daycare or childcare. 

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