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Enrolling Your Preschooler in a New Sport

Posted on 08-25-2017

Once your child enters preschool, you can start considering enrolling them in a new sport. If your child loves being outside, is extremely active, or enjoys group activities, joining a small team could be perfect. Here are some steps to take when you decide to get your preschooler involved in a sport.

Talk to them

Getting feedback from your child is an imperative first step in this process. Watch a baseball game on tv and ask them if they think playing would be fun. Take them to a neighborhood game and see how they respond—or go to the park and play with them and some of their friends and their families. If they respond positively to these activities and questions, it’s a good sign that they’re emotionally ready to take on a new activity. Sometimes children’s immediate response is negative toward new things, but this does not necessarily mean that they shouldn’t play a sport. Ask them about their concerns and go from there. Everyone gets beginner’s nerves, but a little encouragement can be the best medicine.

Start small

Depending on the child, you may want to take baby steps with their new sport. Play in the backyard a few days a week to warm your preschooler up to whatever activity they’re interested in. Then, you can search around and see if any of their classmates or friends are already on a team. The more familiarity, the easier it will be for your child to transition. Maybe a familiar parent coaches the team, or one of your child’s favorite teachers has a team.

Always be sure to have fun. With sports come rules, competition, and the concept of winning and losing. This is a great chance to learn morals like sticking to it, being a good winner and loser, doing your best, and being a team player. This will make your child a better athlete and person in the long run.

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