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Gardening Ideas for Spring

Posted on 04-04-2017

Spring is upon us and it’s the time for new life and growth in nature. Who doesn’t love flowers and new seedling sprouts? You can encourage your preschool child to develop a green thumb and a love for nature through these little gardening projects that are some of the easiest plants for kids to grow.


Preschoolers love sunflowers because they can grow to be so tall—up to twelve feet! They also require minimal work and can grow in most any type of soil. Once they’re fully grown, they will produce sunflower seeds that will attract all kinds of birds to watch and study.


Poppies take little to no water and are a beautiful option to get your little one started in the gardening area. They are very easy to manage, and the vibrant red color is fun to watch bloom and grow.


Peas are very easy to grow, and they will produce vegetables that your preschooler can eat. If you have trouble getting them to eat their veggies, try growing them yourself and see if they will become a little more interested in their peas after they watch them grow.


Strawberries are perhaps a bigger favorite. While being relatively easy to grow, it is almost guaranteed that they will produce a delicious fruit that is sure to excite. They will want to pick them as soon as they begin to bloom, but encourage them to be patient and wait until they’re finally ripe. The longer they’re left on the vine, the sweeter they will be!

Try out these four gardening ideas and watch as your preschooler develops a love for the outdoors and the different aspects of botany. Take every opportunity to teach them through fun, and the experiences will stick with them much longer than information from a book alone. Make it fun and enjoy the time that you spend together in the garden.

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