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Interesting Skills Your Child Learns in Preschool

Posted on 05-15-2015


Learning begins as soon as your child is born. It begins as an infant with basic concepts like discovering how to drink and eat, then a toddler rolling over and talking. Your baby will learn throughout preschool, adolescence, and adulthood. One of the best ways to ensure that the learning process is efficient and interesting is to take advantage of the many opportunities to learn in a preschool environment.

Advanced learning goes beyond what a child would gain from an average daycare or childcare. An elite learning experience is usually offered in a preschool environment from a Learning Academy that offers AdvancED Accredited Programs. Your child not only learns the basic educational skills like reading and math, but much more!

Here are some interesting skills your child learns in our accredited preschool:

Social Skills - In preschool, children enjoy interacting together in the classroom, on the playground, and small groups. They make new friends, learn about each other’s preferences and cultures, and talk about how they feel. Some friendships develop beyond the classroom as children make friends and enjoy time together away from school. Learning social skills early will reap benefits far beyond preschool.

Responsibility – The responsibility of putting toys away in preschool is different from doing chores at home. When your child is at school, everyone is putting the toys and supplies away. It is an activity that is enjoyed with every child in the class. It’s fun, and it is sometimes done with the accompaniment of music and songs. Learning responsibility is not perceived as a chore, but as a pleasure.

Communication – Preschoolers enjoy talking--especially to children their own age. In preschool, children enjoy interacting and laughing with other children and adults, which can lead to better self-expression and communication.

Listening Skills – While Kid’s ‘R’ Kids of Charlotte provides plenty of room for preschoolers to enjoy moving around, children also learn to sit and listen to instruction. They learn to watch and pay attention to technology and follow instructions.

Critical Thinking Skills - Through listening, communicating, and reasoning, children learn valuable critical thinking skills. By interacting with other children in preschool, they are able to learn and grow in an environment that fosters critical thinking skills.

The staff at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Charlotte would enjoy discussing the many additional ways your child can learn in a preschool environment. Contact us and schedule a personal tour of our Learning Academy. You can see us in action while we answer all of your questions. We hope to see you soon!

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