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Which dog is best for children?

Posted on 09-28-2016

Some dogs are sweet little angels around children, and some dogs are grumpy, and still others are down right mean, but how can you tell them apart?

Family Education has provided a list of ten kid-friendly dogs. Guess which one came in first. If you guessed the Dachsund, you were wrong! It’s actually a Bichon Frise. All the parents reviewing dog breeds for this list found that they had the best demeanor for children.

The Dachsund came in second, however. With their small, oddly shaped bodies and minimal shedding, these dogs are often fun cuddlers and great with children.

Other top-ten-listers include the Maltese, pug, Keeshond, and the lab. You should see the Keeshond. It’s actually a very pretty dog.

Do you have a dog now? Maybe you’ll find it on this list!

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